Railton is a short drive from Devonport via Latrobe, a part of Tasmania’s “Outdoor Art Gallery” – and here you will find Tasmania’s hidden secret – more than 100 living sculptures of character topiary waiting to be discovered. The wonderful thing about Railton’s topiary is that it is a free activity – and interesting to all ages! It costs you nothing but your time to stroll around the topiary exhibits – you can’t say that everywhere you go! It is a fantastic project and you will see topiary in all stages of growth along the topiary trail.



Recently The Apex Club of Latrobe funded the production of the ad with funds raised through the Apex Railtown Expo held at Devonport showgrounds in February. The ongoing airing of the ad is a joint funding project of all the groups (Businesses & Topiary Group, RADDAi, and Apex Club of Latrobe). It is envisaged that the ad will be aired for a month a time, and will be on for a full 4 months of the year on Southern Cross.

Print the topiary trail map from this site – free topiary trail maps are also available at shops in town and have been developed by the Topiary Group with tremendous support from local business. The whole promotional information package that is developing to promote Railton’s topiary including the television advertising campaign is a terrific achievement for these community groups working in cooperation.

Not many towns have the opportunity to promote their attractions with television advertising and this is a terrific achievement for the small historic town of Railton which has been bypassed by major roads over the years.